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Courses at WDC

The college offer the Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science B.Sc., and the Bachlor of Business Administration B.B.A. programmes.

Evaluation of these are done through periodic assessment tests, a year end presentation , Group discussion/viva Voce and assignments. The students are to appear in periodic test as well as a pre-university preparatory Examinations held a month before the University Examinations. Assignments are given for which sufficient time is provided for research work and library referencing.


Bachelor of Commerce

The university provides a very comprehensive syllabus for Commerce which covers all important area of the subject. The course is broken up into three groups a year, each Groups compresses of Two Subjects/Areas of Study. The city essentially being a commercial town, Wilsonia Degree College is contributing immensely to laying the foundation for the Entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Bachelor of business Administration

The new wave of education has brought about conceptual innovations is learning, one of them in recent year has been B.B.A. which is a very essential course for a person who wishes to excel in the Corporate world. The University syllabus touches on very necessary aspect of B.B.A. and helps build in students the zest for excellence and a vision of how business should be conducted in the 21st Century.


Form 2008 a uniform is being introduced for B.B.A. students. This Smart, Modern uniform will act as a spur for the students to think and act in a more professional way. Also it helps in making Wilsonians stand out in a crowd, working them more distinct and appreciable.

Bachelor of Science

The traditional course which every student of science hopes to acquire, B.Sc. has always been a sought after course, even with the onslaught of Vocational courses like Engineering and Medicine, only B.Sc. offers students a wider area of choice which gets limited in other cases. The College has state of the art facilities for Both biology(Botany and Zoology) and Mathematics streams of study and the students have lots of excellent opportunities by opting for a B.Sc. course.



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